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    Export from Go Central Online Store

    As a active user of Go Central Store, Square & Quickbooks, to import from Square to GC would not be the best idea me or for Go Daddy. Importing from square is not cohesive with the website. It is my  experience and more  productive to add new items to the website first then export to Square instead. Otherwise why would I have a website with Go Daddy if I can build one with Square and have one entry? I prefer Go Daddy's website builder and use the square as my POS.  Because I"m not an etsy type business, I have vendors and expenses I must keep track for accounting that I use quickbooks which is cohesive to square allowing me  sync my sales better. Otherwise my website not having the ability to export is not productive nor conducive to my business.

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    Helper V

    Re: Export from Go Central Online Store

    @EOS2018  GoCentral Store is very limited. It does not allow exporting products. I'm not sure if you are asking about that or about exporting your transactions. I don't think either one is possible but I've never used it that way. There is some connection with Square when you start to add a new product. Those interested in that than check there. Square is also allowed as a payment method, but I think that is all the connectivity there is.


    As far as exporting products, here is the ongoing thread pertaining to that:



    Re: Export from Go Central Online Store

    @HopefulHi - thank you for responding to my question. I was just trying to figure an easier way to input new products and update inventory to my website & POS.  with out double entry. Im using basic square, & it doesn't update info like weight & size or allow for variations. So I have to enter the items to website separately . Hence my question. Thanks again. 


    Re: Export from Go Central Online Store

    Hi This is my first use of the community feature in go daddy so sorry if I am using it incorrectly. I don't see any real solutions to this yet without paying $30 pr month. I really only need to export one time because then I would have the correct format of the spreadsheet and then could make all adjustments there and re-upload  to my store. I am thinking of an edit or update on the product information that will inevitably need to be done. A simple spelling correction will take hours without a bulk edit or the ability to  export and then re-import  

    good luck