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    Why is it that the GoDaddy Developers can't get forms to act right?????? 3 years now and every time I load a form on any page after publishing my form for my customer to fill out it is glitched in some way almost every time? No matter if I check it in FireFox, Chrome, Incognito,.. doesn't matter what browser I use... doesn't matter how I resize or reposition the thing it just doesn't work. The screen shot below shows 1 (One) individual form that I created and published... Why in the heck is one option up way away from the rest of the form ????  This is a joke and making me look bad... more importantly wasting my time, which in turn is costing me MONEY.  WTF1.PNG My website depends on these forms that I create WORK PROPERLY. My business fails when my customers can't fill out a form on my website I pay for. 

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    Hi @combatbikesaver. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! That's pretty bizarre. I'm not sure what would cause that. I was able to find your site by looking it up online. In looking at it, I didn't see the issue occurring. Maybe you did something to fix the issue? I would guess it would be related to the overall layout of the page is quite a bit larger than your template was originally intended to be. Or maybe if you're using something in your site-wide code settings. You could probably reach out to our customer care team so they can take a look. If they can see the issue too, then they might be able to identify what's going on. 


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