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    Feature to allow repeat customers to setup an account?

    Hi - is there a feature in GoCentral to allow repeat customers to setup an account. Therefore allowing standard fields to auto-populate (address, phone details etc). Review previous orders etc.


    If not, will this feature be added. I have many repeat customers complaining they always have to fill in all data fields from scratch. It’s currently not a user friendly environment.




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    Former Employee

    Re: Customer Account

    Hi @CollectibleMad,

    Thanks for the great question!  Customer accounts is definitely on our roadmap and we're working toward it.  There are a few things we need to do first, but we're definitely heading in that direction. 


    thanks again!


    Product Manager


    Re: Customer Account

    Thank you for the reply.... Do you have a timeline in place for this ? is it a early 2018 function or later in the year ?

    Re: Customer Account

    Surely this is being prioritised ? , I can't believe that you don't have this function already ?

    Please let us know timescale