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    Files Run on Home Computer but not on Hosting

    I've been away from programming (html) for 15 years.  I created some web pages using coffee cup.  They run well on my computer and on my cel phone (a few PDF problems).  Have sound, pictures, fill-in the blank forms, and information pages.  I up loaded all my files but they are accessing each other and I can access my domain's web site.  15-20 years ago it was easy.  


    Anyone know where I should start troubleshooting?




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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Files Run on Home Computer but not on Hosting

    Hi @fsmith6378. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Looking forward to having someone with so much experience participating in discussions Man Happy


    If I had to guess, I would check to make sure the website files were uploaded to the correct directory. That's the most common reason for websites not opening after being uploaded. CoffeCup may have created an extra directory when to pulled your site files together. If you provide more information about what kind of hosting you have and what your domain is, others may be able to give you more concise instructions on what needs to change. 


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