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    Firefox and Appointments

    Hi Im just setting up my webpage and have a page for appointments everything works on preview but when I publish and try to go the the page I get a message  something went wrong please try again latter  This problem only seems to happen using Firefox as a browser I can open a chrome browser on the same machine and it works fine I have tried refreshing the page  clear cache history forced refresh etc and still get the same result

    Any ideas greatly appreciated

    Thank you

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    Re: Firefox and Appointments

    Wondering if it is down to the software or script you are using @flyereddie? Does what you are using say it is compatible with Firefox?


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    Re: Firefox and Appointments

    Hi Everyone

    Turns out that it may have been some corrupt files in my firefox directory, I uninstalled firefox and re installed but the problem persisted then I uninstalled and deleted the firefox folder and reinstalled and the problem went away 🙂 along with all my saved passwords and shortcuts 😞 but al least its working again.