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    Form Mail Problems and Questions

    I recently added another domain to my account and I want to add a contact form page where they can use it to contact me. I went to control panel and added it and had it reinstall it, webformmailer.php is now on my root domain, I am hosting other sites on the account so they have their own folder, first, does that file need to be in the domain folder or just the root directory.


    second, I tried a short and simple test and it gave me an error. Do I need to edit the webformmailer.php file with anything, if so what and where? Also I need the form to send the emails to my email for my domain on godaddy, is that an issue?

    I guess I am starting at the beginning, I did have the file added to my root directory so I need to know what else I need to do, add, edit and so on to get it to work. I tried to search and did not really find a start to finish guide for what to do and how to set it up to work and would really appreciate your help. I am not a coder or expert by any means but can do HTML but that's about it but with a little advice I can figure things out, thanks in advance and I hope I can get this working.


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    Re: Form Mail Problems and Questions

    Hi @GhostC6

    Check out this help article on how to send form mail with our cPanel hosting. 

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