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    Frustrated by not being able to resize or move text/Images in GoCentral

    I’ve recently got myself and iPad Pro along with the pencil and keyboard - I went onto godaddy’s website builder to edit my site but have found that whilst I can edit text, I cannot resize images or move text/images. Using the pencil or my finger on the screen just moves the page up and down and cannot grab and resize. This is becoming very frustrating. If anyone can shed any light that would be great. I would like to think in this day and age that this will be possible as my laptop no longer works hence why I upgraded to ipad.

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    If you are referring to GoCentral and editing your content and images, moving text and image sizes are dictated and limited by the design/template that you chose.  IOW, it is what it is.  


    If you want a different layout, you need to chose a different template... 😉




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