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    Getting the postage to calculate properly for different product pack sizes

    Hi There

    We are trialling the builder currently and have an question on the shipping options.

    We have our product available in different packaging sizes 1L, 5L 10L etc. I have set these up successfully. I have also set up the shipping rates based on weight eg total order weight <5kg 5-25kg etc.

    How do i go about getting these in sync e.g. if someone selects the 20L pack size then the postage is calculated to be in the 5-25kg band as i cant see and option to add the weight for each option.

    Secondly is it possible for the store to calculate the total weight e.g. 5L product A, 5L product B and it would automatically select the 5-25kg shipping option (or does it do this already).



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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Getting the postage to calculate properly for different product pack sizes

    Hi @Reokda. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Each product should have an option to specify its weight. This is what the store will use to calculate the shipping cost based on what you have set up. So for example, if each product is 5kg and a customer orders 3 of these, the cart would use the 5-25kg shipping cost. This should all work automatically, assuming you have different products set up for each size. Online Store doesn't currently have an option to add weight via product options, unfortunately, so you wouldn't be able to do it that way. Hope that helps. 


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