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    Go Central Content Template Picture Placement

    Is there somebody that can direct me to where I can go to select a right or left side for picture placement in the content template? I'd like to flip my my picture to the pother side of the content template. I had this selection available before, but it seems to be missing now. 

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    Unfortunately, the Content widget aligns and has the image set to the right.  No way to move from where it is in the template.  😞


    "You have to be odd to be number one." Dr. Seuss

    Hello again. The picture selection was available got the left side all last year. When was it changed? Why was it changed? How can it be corrected? Thank You for helping me. 

    There's an About section where the images alternate left-right-left, with 3 smaller text areas on the flip sides.


    Though this may not be ideal, you can also create your own with HTML sections.

    Good Evening Nate,


    Thanks for your response. Appreciated!


    I did have that option to place pictures on the left or the right before the last update. However all of my graphics that were on the left side are now on the right, which means the change was software generated thru an update or somebody entered my website (which I really doubt). Since we just had an update, it would seem that is what generated the dilemma. But I did not make the changes, and was surprised when I found them. A Tech Support Rep wanted me to sign up for a video webinar instead of offering me any real support. So I’m stuck continuing to pursue an answer to fix the problem. 


    Thanks again.

    Tom Kill

    That is correct, the layout options were stripped in an update.   I would only be able to make guesses as to the reasoning.  Unfortunately there isn't a way to get them back and you can't rollback to a previous version.  The workaround would be to recreate the desired layout with an HTML section. Though there have been many complaints so hopefully the platform would be made more flexible again in the future.

    Hi Nate,



    So the layout options were stripped in the update, and now we are subject to somebodies mistake of a new corporate strategy to push upgrades... 


    It took me a lot of time to go over each of my pages to see what changes were made by this update, and then go back in and re-edit each of them, then re-validate that the edit took effect.


    BTW, I did call Tech Support, where a Rep wanted me to sign up for a video webinar, completely deflecting my question and disrespecting me as a customer. He never addressed my question, and was condescending. Up until now I had confidence in GoDaddy. That is waning. So I’m stuck now, hoping another update will fix these issues (and maybe an acknowledgment that there was a mistake). Let me know if or when that is going to happen. 


    Thanks again for your candor. 

    Tom Kill

    I am not trying to conceal anything from you, only offering suggestions as to how GoCentral can currently be used.  There is no upgrade path to get layout options back in GoCentral.  The only things I can guess is this was to simplify the interface, speed loading times, and/or part of preparations for further updates.  As we are not GoDaddy employees, these again are only guesses.

    Hi Nate,


    We're all subject to the decisions made by both management and engineering. I've been following GDDY for many years and have seen their screw ups before the effect. I've already written a product manager to ask about the issue getting corrected. I don't doubt that they have their reasons for stripping features, but it places them in jeopardy of keeping their customers and that hits their revenue line, which has been a big issue for them. As an equity investment professional, I want the best for them. I saw a few more disgruntled customers squawking on line. The sooner GDDY addresses the problem THEY THEMSELVES CREATED, the sooner their customer status will stabilize. 

    @tomwkill @Nate This has been jacked up since 1/15/19 when the developers changed some global settings in error or w/o notifying us. This is horrendous. Seriously? Every month it's something with GD that I have to spend hours figuring out what's wrong, what all it has affected, and how in the heck can it be fixed. And the things that DO need fixing are not getting done. I'm REALLY getting tired of this. What is going on????

    Some people love GoCentral, and some people hate it.  Those who push it to the limits are really edge cases, the people who like it the most tend to just want a quick and easy way to add their own content to a basic prebuilt website.  It would be nice if GoDaddy split it into two products with an Advanced Website Builder as an intermediate between GoCentral and WordPress (or another CMS).

    @Nate @tomwkill This issue is happening on GD's most advanced product, Go Central. But frankly, it doesn't matter if it's happening on this or a starter web building product, you don't change someone's layouts midstream. And you if feel it is absolutely necessary--which I see no logical reason for this change--at least you have the courtesy to give them advanced notice. Period. I just hope to heck it's an error and they will get it restored to the way it was.


    There is nothing about this that is pushing it to the limits by the way. The layouts are very basic to begin with and remain very basic. The issue is that they are changing them, taking away already established layouts that have been published.

    @tomwkill @Nate @Muse Here's the latest on this issue. I haven't tested it myself yet, but it appears it has been addressed.




    @RachelM @ChristineL @tomkill @Nate @Muse Upon further testing, I see that Layout 1 has been added back (photo on the left, text on the right). However, if you click on it it wipes out all my body copy and replaces it with dummy GD copy. So this issue is only partially fixed. We should be able to toggle between layouts without losing our copy...