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    GoCentral Feature Request -- Main Menu

    Using the TRADE Theme.  Eight main menu items, all "terse" - PARTNER is important.



    As the window narrows, PARTNER becomes MORE -- far before it seems to be necessary. 

              See screen capture.


    This is a meaningful usability issue as PARTNERS are the main marketing focus.  





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    Super User III

    Re: GoCentral Feature Request -- Main Menu



    I ran into this issue on my own site the other day. So, I got creative.


    I made dropdown menus and made sure the main topics were more focused. I combined things until they fit and made sense with the focus on the right areas. With website builders, you sometimes have to learn to work within the framework until they make changes. I do agree that this should probably be a little more customizable.


    On the backend, this area is controlled by very specific lines of code. If they make changes to this code, they have to make sure it's not going to completely break the functionality of the way the menu works. Can you imagine the number of angry people that would be very mad that their menus broke because GoDaddy made arbitrary changes? @ProductInsights, would this even be possible without a major code change?


    I really would suggest checking out the adaptability of a WordPress platform for your site. I willing to bet you could have a super fast site that's easy to maintain on that platform with the look you want for very little cost. You have a mostly informational site with contact forms, simple add-ons - it wouldn't be hard to recreate the look at all. 


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    Re: GoCentral Feature Request -- Main Menu

     @billcorbin. Thanks for the post and suggestion. I'll make sure we pass this on to our product team. I'm not sure how complicated it would be to change. However, I did want to see if simply rearranging the menu would help. In addition to what @MrVapor said about consolidating, you can also just move your Partners link so that it appears further to the left. 




    Hope that helps.


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    Re: GoCentral Feature Request -- Main Menu

    I did take the step of moving PARTNER "to the left" in the line-up, thanks for affirming as an improvement.  


    I've worked on a  SaaS project, so know the balance of feature stability and new idea accommodation.  This one strikes me as a case where the development team wouldn't be actively aware of the potential importance of always-visible menu items, so may have been unnecessarily conservative about when to truncate the menu.  


    If so, I'm guessing the fix would be fairly simple.  If not, I sure understand.


    Thanks for the chance to engage.