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    GoCentral Inventory and Square - UPDATE!

    I recently had a chat with GoDaddy Help regarding this issue, as it appears there has been no support provided to date.  The issue being that not all variations seem to import using the 'Square' import button provided by GoDaddy.  So based on this, I'd thought I'd share my the information provided to me........


    GoDaddy:  There is nothing wrong with the Square import button.  It functions just as it should.  If you are  having issues with this, then you will need to contact Square as it's their import file causing the problems.


    First, GoDaddy is the one providing the button that doesn't work, NOT Square.  Second, why would they provide this magical button if it doesn't work properly and lastly, why is it still available for use?  I want to import my latest updated Square inventory (to include pictures) into my GoDaddy (GoCentral) inventory, without having to upload a .csv file and then re-add all the photos manually.  If this button worked, it would save me some time!


    If anyone else has an easy resolution (without additional coding or third party software), or if GoDaddy is 'listening', PLEASE provide FIX this or remove the button.


    Thank you for listening.

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    Re: GoCentral Inventory and Square - UPDATE!

    any updates?