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    GoCentral: Logo size in header

    Hello, we have a website that we created using the GoCentral/Website Builder and in the header the logo for the business appears. However, it is way too small. The graphic itself is 1280x1269 but the builder only sizes it up to 126x125, with no apparent way of making it larger. I have read where some have been able to edit the CSS and HTML to fix this but I cannot see a way to actually do that. Please help.




    Hi, I know this topic has been around for a while so I apologize for the late reply. In January we made a change to allow the logos to get bigger, but I see there are still some customers who would like the logo even bigger. Some of our header designs have the logo positioned in the navigation bar and we max the logo size to 175px to prevent the navigation bar from getting too tall. Some of our header designs where the logo is not inside the navigation bar allow the logo to get to 320px. In mobile we cap the size of the logo but we are planning to improve that soon.  If you want a really huge logo my recommendation is to use the theme named Clarity and replace the cover photo with your logo and it will take up the majority of your header. Or if you use Clarify you can align the logo to be on the left or right of the cover photo and make the logo very large. I hope this helps. Thank you for being a GoDaddy customer.

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    Hey @rcm-auto,


    The CSS/HTML editing you're referencing is actually a method of control you won't have within GoCentral at this time. I'll pass this along as an item of interest for our developers to take into further consideration for their planned updates. 


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    Hello, I have the same problem, I've been trying to make my logo bigger but GoCentral doesn't let me. Any advice?

    Hi There, 


    It's November 2017 and I, too, am trying to upload my logo; however, it's incredibly tiny and I cannot make it much bigger given the options. When will this be fixed????? it's been almost a year since the initial complaint!



    Is there a fix yet for the small logo size? I have uploaded multiple sizes of my logo and it still won’t get big enough

    Not yet...   😞

    So, we're meant to just live with a tiny logo?

    Yeah...  for now...


    We actually did some re-design of our logo to make it work...   Not the best option, but for now the best alternative...    http://carlos1800.com

    The logo I've uploaded is 500x500, yet it shows up on the page as 100x100. The logo size slider allows it to go up to 175x175, but when I slide it to this level nothing changes. This NEEDS to be fixed, or there be some way we can get in to the HTML/CSS so I can fix this.

    The only current workaround I iknow of would be to clear all the header settings except for the menu on a multi-page website and use a HTML section at the top of each page with your logo in it.  The only drawback is the Go Central menu (if used) will be above the logo and the HTML iframe has some whitespace at the top and bottom    You can view https://mybiglogo.godaddysites.com until March 9th (trial expires) as a test of this where I used a large image of a crepe as a logo on a 3 page site test..


    HTML section text on each page was the same...


    img {    display: block;
        margin-left: auto;
        margin-right: auto;
    <img src="https://img1.wsimg.com/isteam/ip/dcf8bc39-a031-4e3a-85b6-3e82ee24cd92/5c971968-4035-419e-a5f4-c4336f124b69.jpeg" />

    A clutzy workaround,  but it worked.


    Thanks for that workaround idea.


    If you take a look at http://www.adventurequest.com.au/ you'll see what it currently looks like. I need the logo there to be significantly bigger than it currently is.

    Sounds like a fun adventure game...   🙂          Only other thing I could think of would be to  change your logo to icon.logo on left and Adventure Quest text on right...   Go Central only likes landscape logos...  at least so far to date.

    Hey pasaytenpete


    Can you explain to someone with zero HTML coding knowledge how you got yours so much bigger? My logo is landscape, but I'd love it to be bigger like yours. Or can you email me? Anything!? I need help! 🙂 Thanks.

    @ccforgione email me particulars to pasayten@yahoo.com

    This problem was first posted in February, then April, and now it's September 2017 and I have the same problem.  Have the developers created a fix yet?


    It's clear that this issue is an irritant to several of your customers - we're brand new to Go Daddy and this is already a major hurdle for us.  How many customers need to be upset before this will be improved??  Please help!

    Same problem.   This is nuts.  How is anyone creating an acceptable website with a logo this small?  Does anyone have any kind of workaround?  Is GoCentral going to do anything to fix this?

    After discussions with others that have built websites elsewhere and some experimentation, I found that bringing my logo.png file into a photo editor and making it into a size of 288px x 100px I was able to get the logo to post on GoDaddy at a reasonable size.  But it could stand to be larger. 

    I am new to GoDaddy and am on a trial period with the website builder- and am running into this same problem. It's kind of disappointing to have a problem with something that should be so basic and important - is there any progress on this whatsoever? If I cant even get past this hurdle, I will definitely not be continuing to use GoDaddy's website builder past the free trial. 

    One year later and still no way to increase the logo size. This really should be something that we have control over.