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    GoCentral Online Store Category problem

    First off I'd like to know if there is a way to use wordpress with the gocentral online store plan?If so how?

    2nd,I'm building out my online store.I'd like to setup my store like I have before where the tabs at the top of the page IE home,shop etc are setup to where I can have all the product categories with drop down sub categories once you click the tab.

    I have noticed that you can only select the online store to use on 1 page (I.E) Shop.this makes it to where one has to click on the shop button then it takes you to the shop page and all the products are listed on the page with no separation of categories.Even when I drop a category into another where the bar is offset (sub)it still shows up on the shop page as a separate category.

    3rd when I go to create a new product for instance tea, when I go to add options i.e flavors I want to add an option for black teas and another option that lists green etc.when I do that and go to test the page if I pick a green tea from drop down menu A and a black tea from drop down menu B it adds them to the cart but only charges for 1.Meaning when I add 2 different teas 1 from each drop down the quantity stays at 1 and it only charges for 1 item,it doesn't update quantity so even though I picked 2 its as if it looks as the whole price is for 1.Is there a way to fix this other than having to make a new product per types of tea or anything else I have to sell?

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    Re: GoCentral Online Store Category problem

    Hey there @palerider77,


    It sounds like you need a level of customization that the GoCentral Online Store just isn't going to give you currently. Your best bet would be to build your store as a WooCommerce on WordPress or select one of the many other CMS options that will allow you the adaptability you want. The capabilities you mention with the customizations you want simply aren't in there at the moment.


    As far as using WordPress and GoCentral together, you can after a fashion. They will not integrate because they are two completely different pieces of software. However, you can create a page in WordPress that links to the store and vice versa.

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    Re: GoCentral Online Store Category problem

    GoCentral has any plugins, need a website plugin, with an online sales website I need a live chat tool with customers,