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    GoCentral Online Store Order Notifications Needs Enhancement

    GoCentral sends an order notification to a single email address. This address is the same email address that appears on statements as the company's contact address. It is desirable that a store owner be able to have order notifications sent to multiple email addresses. It is desirable that the email address for order notifications be changeable without changing the contact info email address on the website or on statements. It is nice that order notifications can be sent via text message. It is desirable that more than one phone number can be provided for these text messages. If you've ever actually run a small online business, you would understand why features such as these are important. Such as if you ever actually wanted to take a week off and have someone else fulfill your orders, for instance.

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    Super User III

    Re: GoCentral Online Store Order Notifications Needs Enhancement



    I agree. It would be nice if GoCentral could do this. At the moment, however, it can not. Maybe @ProductInsights can take a look at this. I've seen this request pop up a few times but I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement.


    A simple workaround in the meantime would be to set up a forwarding rule from the inbox that receives the email. You can set it up to send to how ever many people that need to get it. 

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    Helper I

    Re: GoCentral Online Store Order Notifications Needs Enhancement

    Thanks. It is a good suggestion. I was persuaded to change from Quick Shopping Cart to GoCentral, essentially by continual phone solicitation that included implications that the QSC platform was going to be terminated. Among the promises of how happy I would be was how much easier and better GoCentral was going to be. This is just one example of numerous features available in QSC that do not exist in GoCentral, I'm glad you can offer a workaround,,,but I'm getting sick of having to workaround what should simply be existing features. I would prefer to be a partner with GoDaddy in improving the platform, but we'll see if GoDaddy sincerely wants to improve. One suggestion I will repeat every chance I get is this: Tech Support gets questions and comments every day about issues like this. The Support Rep I spoke to knew the answer to this my inquiry about this feature before I finished the question. GoDaddy needs to harvest the suggestion and requests of customers through Tech Support for Product Development to improve the platform.