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    GoCentral Suggestions

    Compliments on a great website builder that, from what I hear,

    is going beyond it's original intention to be a simple site for fun and proving to be a realistic option for business owners......almost. two things....

    1. If GODADDY could please lift the 30mb upload limit on file uploads, so we could share files with clients. As a recording studio, it's imperative that I'm able to share files ranging from 50mb to 2-3 gb as I do in my html cpanel site, which I'd like to leave for GoCentral 🙂


    2. Please stop compressing jpegs that we upload, they arrive on GoCentral pixelated. I'm sure GODADDY has enough bandwidth and storage to accommodate  hi rez jpegs?????


    with the other pending updates I hear are due in January with design flexibility with font formatting etc

    This builder would be perfect for me.


    Please lmk as I'm in a trial version and the upload limit is really a deal breaker 😞


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    I'm sure that the GoCentral development team appreciates that you like Website Builder @LRS and I know that they enjoy receiving feedback.


    To your specific suggestions, I hope you don't mind if I offer a different path. For large files I'd suggest a file repository, I don't think GoCentral could ever adequately serve in that role? Of course the file upload size could be increased but Website Builder is just not designed for that purpose. I'd suggest using an external solution like DropBox, Google Drive or something like that. Those systems by default allow you to upload, share, receive and revision with a virtually unlimited upload size. You could always link the files to your GoCentral website with links and share in a way that Website Builder could not keep up with. 


    As to your JPEG file compression issue I don't see that as a GoCentral problem, that's a web problem. I know that with things like responsive design and high definition displays we all want our graphics to look great no matter the format. I understand wanting to upload the largest image you can but unfortunately servers and file systems don't work that way. Additionally JPEG isn't the file format I'd choose for the best result. Leaving out what would probably be too much of an explanation I'll just suggest your files might be better displayed if they were in SVG format. 


    I'm sure that a search of JPEG vs. SVG would go in depth if you need? I hope that helps? 


    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

    Thanks for the response and info.

    Even if the file upload limit was lifted to 100 mb, that would allow direct downloads for my clients.

    If possible, please pass that on to the developers.

    If I could add a couple of things/questions

    If we could insert a image of a phone, and or envelope or something for email in the top header, and footer that could then quickly link the customer to phoning or emailing us that would be awesome, and I imagine doable?Thanks, please LMK

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    Super User II

    For better or for worse I have nothing to do with GoCentral  development and have no more clout than you do with regard to passing requirements @LRS. The good news is that GoDaddy holds voice of customer in high regard and you've done the right thing (in terms of visibly) by posting this in the Community. 


    My @rd view is that 100mb is A LOT for any Website Builder file size. To my knowledge GoCentral won't even provide file links or URLs? Additionally the file structure isn't "pretty" so I can't imagine that the file system generated links would be usable? Once you have a link for whatever file repository you should choose you could directly insert those links on your GoCentral based website and that would provide for a "one-click" experience for your visitors. The "direct download" experience you refer to is also one-click? As best practice is implement the separate file repository approach. 


    I can't quite recall but it seems like the phone and email icon in the header or footer is already a GoCentral feature?  Check Add and link a text button out and Change display of social media buttons. I hope that helps? 


    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head