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    GoCentral needs additional features

    GoCentral needs to incorporate the following features.  These features are available in previous versions of the GoDaddy Website Builder, however, are not available in the GoCentral version.


    -Create a selection of editable calendars that can added to any website.  There is currently only a single calendar selection which is difficult to modify and customize.


    - Create a selection of visitor or page view counters.  This is an appealing feature to both website viewers and informative to the developers.  Not currently included in the GoCentral.


    - Created the ability for a developer to have an "undo last action(s)" for several steps.


    - Create a text editor that is user friendly and works.  The text "bolding", "Underline" "Fonts" are not currently functional.


    Attention to these details are important!

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    Re: GoCentral needs additional features

    I am shocked by the lack of simple user friendly details with Go Central, that are paramount to any web builder, such as the undo feature, which was invaluable while building my other website in Webuilder 7 with Go Daddy years ago. 

    I was about to pay for a year of go central to rebuild one of my outdated websites, and was considering even rebuilding my Webbuilder 7 website on this new platform, but after playing around with Go Central, I am extremely dissapointed that a dearly needed tool, such as UNDO, is not a part of this builder.  I have built a website on Wix, and Weebly, and Foursquare, trying them out and they are far more advanced than GO Central. 

    The prices you are charging are high enough, and yet do not have the features of these other builders, but being loyal to GoDaddy, and wanting to keep my online business all with one company, I finally, after 15 months of research, succumbed to less features with GO Central, to stay with GoDaddy, UNTIL right now, when I caught on that you have not included the basic courtesy of an undo button.   ??? 

    At this point, if I do not receive some feedback, because I want to keep my business all in one place, I will now finally consider taking all my business to another hosting company. 


    Re: GoCentral needs additional features



    Thank you for taking the time to submit this feedback. I am on the product team and I assure you we are listening to your requests.  


    Our event calendar is currently setup to work with your Google, Apple, Yahoo, or Office 365 calendar.  This makes it easy so you can update your calendar on your mobile device and it will automatically update on your website without having to login and update your site and republish. It will also automatically show upcoming events only so that past events are not listed, which can make a site look like it is not being maintained.  If you would like to learn more about how to add a calendar we have a Help page that walks you through the steps: https://www.godaddy.com/help/display-a-calendar-on-my-website-24635?

    I understand you might want something more manual where you can edit the events on your website without linking to a calendar. In that case I would suggest using one of the Content layouts that has blocks of text with headings and you can add your events to that list.  


    Let's talk about visitors. It's so exciting to see who is visiting your site, and to know that people from all over the world might be visiting your site. We have two options that you might like. One is the Site Stats that we offer our customers on the Dashboard when you first login to GoCentral. This will give you a high-level view of visitors with helpful tips for how to drive more traffic to your site. The other option is to add a Google Analytics tracking ID. If you visit https://www.google.com/analytics/ and create an account, all you have to do it enter your domain name and you will get a Google Analytics tracking ID. In GoCentral you can add this tracking ID in your Site Settings (Look for a setting named Google Analytics). About 24 hours later when you go to Google Analytics you will start to see fun and interesting stats like # of visitors, what part of the world they are in, what site did they come from, how long they stayed on your site, where did they go when they left, plus demographics on your visitors. It's a powerful tool that can tell you a lot more than a page view counter can.


    Regrading "undo". I have two suggestions. The first is when you are typing text into a paragraph there is an undo icon that will undo your last text change. However if you want to undo a bigger change you can use the Site History feature to restore a previous version of your site. We automatically save every change you make, so you can restore back to any version. You can find this feature under Site Settings. It's labeled "Site History".


    Can you help me better understand the scenarios where the bolding and underlined text is not working?  


    Thanks again for all your suggestions, and thank you for being a GoDaddy customer.


    Rachel B.

    Re: GoCentral needs additional features

    What would really be great is if the color picker was available for all aspects of Go Central. I have specific colors in my logo and would like to incorporate them in my website and I can't. Also, no comment section on your blog is ridiculous! Add more themes for Web Builder and more font choices. We pay for this so we should have every option available to us.


    Re: GoCentral needs additional features

    Hi @LitaDaBookkeepe - 


    Blog is a fairly new feature for us and we are rolling out updates and improvements regularly; commenting will be released soon. I know the team is also working hard on expanding color and design options, while trying to balance that customizability with keeping the builder easy to use and navigate. Thank you for your patience - more is on the way!


    -Heidi, GoDaddy product manager

    Re: GoCentral needs additional features

    Actually,  the site history and restore does not work the way you say it does.  I went through this for hours with more than one tech support   Try again.  

    Re: GoCentral needs additional features



    In the next set of Gocentral Updates, could the developers fix the Category option? When I link a category, the FULL category should open when a customer clicks on the link and enters the store, this way the sub-categories will pop open under the main category. 


    As it sits now, if I link a category, and a customer clicks that category from outside the store, i.e. external link on or within the website, it takes the customer to the category but does not open up / show the sub-categories. It should absolutely be opening the entire category view including sub-categories. 


    Thank you