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    GoCentral permissions on blog

    I am using gocentral.  I have a web designer and then a social media person.  I would like the social media person to handle all blog posts and only have access to that section of my site.  Delgate access to products or other option is way too broad for this person.  I want to narrow it to only updating the blog.  Is there anyway to allow them to post to my blog.  Even if there is html code I can add to my site somehow to allow them to post on my behalf on the blog.  Currently they have to send me content and I post but this does not scale due to my many other duties.  



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    What you describe is permission levels for site access -- which is not available on GoCentral.  You would have to provide your access credentials.


    What you could do is have your Blog on WordPress which then would be separate from your GoCentral site.  And, WordPress as varying levels of access to choose from.


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