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    GoDaddy site not working in Safari

    The GoDaddy site I created for my school is not functioning properly in Safari. Dropdown menus are disappearing, link are jumping to different places on the Header when they are clicked. 

    Has anyone else experienced/resolved this issue? The site works perfect with a PC, but many of our students use MacBooks, and this should not be an issue.

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    I don't believe this is a PC/Mac issue but rather a browser and/or version issue.

    Can you please indicate what version and browser you are using on the PCs and Mac (you said Safari in your post).

    Also the link to the website

    What has the website been developed in? Wordpress? Site builder?

    Are there plugins? What did you use to create the menus?



    I'm a Web Designer and I make lot of website by using godaddy website builder and other godaddy platform. But I never face any problem on MacBook and Safari. I'm using MacBook and Safari web browser as well. 


    Maybe your safari or MacBook have any issue. 


    Anyway, if you want then I will help you to design your website. I'm a professional website designer and able to help you to design website. You can contact me at cutevamp911@gmail.com or http://cutevamp.com 


    - Renu Sharma
    Professional Web Designer

    Yes I am experiencing the same thing basically.  I have a drop down for a product option, and it wont work.  I turned on error logging in Safari and there are errors coming FROM THE SERVER - javascript errors, but they wont even look at it.  Told me it is just my computer.  Told me to call Apple. But here's the catch.  I WORK FOR APPLE IN TECH SUPPORT!  I know it is not my computer, but they dont want to deal with it because they are anti-Apple.  I am looking for another hosting platform at the current time due to the apathy they exhibited for my situation. Im appalled

    Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.54.28 PM.png