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    Google AdSense STILL not working?

    I've seen a few people post earlier this year about how GoCentral isn't supporting Google AdSense after a site has been approved. This must still be the case unless something has changed.

    For example, I put my pre-authorization code into the "Display Ads" option, but now that I've been approved, there's no way to use the additional code that is the actual ad I have been given by Google. It doesn't seem to work at all in the HTML section option. Given that AdSense is quite popular and the reason I left my previous site provider was their lack of AdSense support, I don't understand how this could still be an issue. Especially for a company as big as GoDaddy. I'm ready to leave yet another platform if this can't be resolved. I'm tired of the "we're looking into it" excuse and want to see some results. Anybody else getting a little miffed about this?

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    Re: Google AdSense STILL not working?

    I jumped the gun. It seems to be working now. My apologies!