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    Google Analytics Integration and Goals

    After we successfully integrate our Google Analytics account into the GoDaddy Website Builder settings, how can we set up "Goals" in Analytics for when visitors click an "Action Button" or "Click to Call" our phone number? This would be extremely valuable in tracking conversions and evaluating our ad performance.  I don't think it is possible to use "Tags" in GoDaddy, but maybe someone knows a way to set up a custom goal?

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    Super User II

    Re: Google Analytics Integration and Goals

    Hello , I hope you are doing well. Thank you for posting in the GoDaddy community. I appreciate your question. Google Analytics doesn’t tell you how your business is doing without some additional setup. You have to tell Google Analytics to keep track of what’s critical to your business – and you do this with goals.

    In Google Analytics, you have four ways to track goals:

    1. URLs
    2. Time
    3. Pages/visit
    4. Events

    To start setting up your goals:

    1. Go to your Google Analytics standard reports
    2. Click on the “Admin” button in the top right
    3. Click on “Goals”
    4. From one of the Goal sets, click “+ Goal” (goal sets are just a way for you to easily group goals) to set up a new goal.

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    Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.

    Re: Google Analytics Integration and Goals

    Thank you @Zulfiqar for your informative reply.  


    To be more specific, I would like to set up Goals in Google Analytics for "Clicks to Call" like I see on the "InSight" page in the dashboard.  Do you know if that is possible?

    Where is the "Clicks to Call" data on the "InSight" page generated from?


    Thank you!