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    Google Analytics Not Working?

    Hi All,

    My google analytics all of a sudden stopped getting hits when people visited my site today.

    I have my analytics code correct, and cookies enabled on my site.


    Anyone else have this issue?  I am told that it is google analytics that is the issue.

    Product Team

    Hi all - if you have previously set up 3rd party tracking or data analytics, those now require the website visitor to opt-in for tracking by clicking to accept cookies in the cookie banner. As the site owner, you choose whether to turn on the cookie banner, which is found in the Settings tab.  Make sure the site is also enabled for tracking.  Tracking for Google Analytics (or the other 3rd party integrations) requires these steps: 1) the site owner sets up tracking, 2) turn on the cookie banner, 3) data is tracked for the website visitors who opt-in by clicking to Accept. Hope this helps. Christine

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    Same issue here... 

    Same Problem.  😞

    I posted this on google analytic's forums, no answer yet.  Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

    I have same issue, it’s a fault with godaddy not google

    same issue here

    I am also facing the same issue. It just came suddenly from 12:00 PM on 20/06/2020 just to have an record


    Same problem here - when I check via Google Tag Assistant, it says 'Add Google Analytics' as it's detecting no tracking code on the page(s)


    I have gotten up votes here, no reply yet.

    I called them and they said they changed something to fix it, I asked why and they said it will take some minutes to reflect. They told me to enable google analytics which it wasn’t disabled, they don’t know, look like they are guessing, the persons hanged up on me and left me with the problem. No is not working. All this happened since they upgraded some security option and added the cookies tracking option. I need this to be fixed urgent, I’m running a business, not a hobby

    Yes I am also on the same boat! I have just registered and created an Google Analytics account yesterday and I thought I could not set it up properly. I have no traffic since yesterday! What a great start. I hope Godaddy can fix this quick!

    Same - I think it's related to the compulsory cookie banner change.  As soon as I enabled that, the issues started.

    same issue here ! i contacted them yesterday and the support working on it. But it takes too long time !!!!!   the issue is in this line code :

    window['ga-disable-{GOOGLE_ACCOUNT_ID}'] = true;


    They just have to edit the code and enable !!!!



    I am on the call with the GoDaddy support team right now and I passed your instructions to them as well 🙂

    if you need urgently analytics, it can help you for some days...


    follow these steps :

    - 1 : in page you want track ad html section

    - 2 : enter this code :

    <script type="text/javascript">

    var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");

    document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));


    <script type="text/javascript">


    var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("YOUR ANALYTICS ID HERE");


    } catch(err) {}




    Thanks for this! T

    his would certainly help for each page if it works!

    But there isn't a global setting for this right? As far as I could see GoDaddy does not allow us to directly edit within the <head></head> tags, is that right?

    I had a call with GoDaddy, they said they did change the cookies banner, but they went on my site to enable the cookies banner, even asked my permission to publish the site.


    I said go ahead, they did the changes, absolutely nothing worked.  They said their tech team sees the code picking up, and it is Google’s fault.  They told me to contact Google to make the fix.  They want us to do their job.


    The solution that Jsevents posted in this thread works! So I urge you guys to use his post for a short term fix.

    Hiya, thank you both for sharing the updates here! When I inserted the script via adding HTML feature to my home page, Google Analytics started working but then site visitors started to get a certificate warnings like your connection to this website can ben monitored by attackers etc. I wonder If you got the same? Sooner the GoDaddy implements a proper solution better for all of I think. 

    No, this is not googles fault, it’s Godaddys they messed up something and now they don’t know how to fix it


    Its bad that GoDaddy doesn't know how to fix it.

    It is worse that they don't admit to this being their issue, and refuse to fix it.

    The support guy at Godaddy (web chat) was quite helpful.  He went off and said he'd change something and came back to me to say it would all be working again in about 40 minutes.  That was about 5 hours ago and it's still not working.  Very disappointing.