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    HOW TO: change font colour in forms?

    I have added a form to our website, but the form's default font colour is light grey and I have not been able to change it.

    Is there a way to change it? My "current" solution (as I hope this is only temporary) is to put the form over a dark background, but this is not my preference.

    If I can edit everything else on our website, why can't I edit that? Or if so, how?


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    Unfortunately, the form tool is not optimized for font changes yet. As a quick fix, I would recommend keeping the colored shape behind your form to keep the text visible.


    If you need a form that has the ability to use different colors, you might want to look into GoDaddy Email Marketing. It would not only allow you to design the form to look however you'd like, but it would also gather the information submitted so you can build a client list of subscribers. You'd even have the ability to send out email campaigns or promotions so your customers are up to date on what you offer.


    I've used both ways to create websites before, so it's really just personal preferences that dictate what you end up doing. Hope this helps!

    What, you cant change it? ridiculous!

    I got the same problem too...i implement a website nearly finished...but i cant change the color of contact forms (text)...

    Really ridiculous....

    They told me that i need to change my theme!!!! So funny!!!!

    Is this 1987????????????? I could change the default fonts in WORDSTAR.  I don't want to change the whole theme.  This product is SOSOSOSO CLUNKY.

    I totally agree.  I am just starting to use this product and there are many things I like, but it is difficult to break out of their templates into customization (such as font size).