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    HTML Assist, and Table Cellspacing - Website Builder v7

    Ok, today I started using the "Insert HTML tags" on my website.


    First off, I'm making tables. EVERYTIME I type in <tr> ... it automatically adds a </tr>, same for all other tags, HOW AGGRAVATING, I need to be able to turn off this type of html type-assistance, it's soooo annoying.


    On top of this, cellspacing is not working on any of the tables I make... I went and typed it into an HTML simulator, and the table came out fine, but on godaddy, cellspacing isnt working at all.


    Any help out there?

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    Re: HTML Assist, and Table Cellspacing

    What software are you using to edit the HTML?


    The table specific attributes have been depreciated in HTML5, to change how an element looks use CSS instead.




    Re: HTML Assist, and Table Cellspacing

    Yea, you are correct, I used CSS and got the look I was going for. Instead of using cellspacing in my table tag, I just did a solid border in the style tag for all the tables. I get it now. Thank you.