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    HTML:Shell-G[Tri] Infection detected on archive download

    I am performing backups of the directories that hold the applications we run on the website.  One of the directories has Prestashop eCommerce program and when I try to download the tar.gzip archive I created, the virus program on my PC flags the HTML:Shell-G[Tri] infection and aborts the download.


    Does GoDaddy have a tool available that I can use to scan the directory to determine where the infection is so I may remove the offending file(s)?

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    Re: HTML:Shell-G[Tri] Infection detected on archive download

    I found a solution.  I temporarily disabled the virus scanner on my PC and downloaded the tar.gzip archive.  Once the file was downloaded I expanded the archive to a folder and virus scanned the folder.  This identified the offending files.  I was then able to delete the offending files off the server. Another archive was made and downloaded successfully with the local virus scanner enabled.