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    Has anyone hosted a .net core 2 Web App on an Economy Plan?

    Hi All, I've today uploaded a .net core 2 web application to my Economy Windows hosting plan. I think everything is right on my end but I'm getting a 500 error when I try to access the site. I spoke to tech support for a good hour and a half and it came down to him not being certain that .net core 2 apps are supported (or any .net core for that matter), even though a salesman told me it would be. But still, I hold onto hope that it's some setting I can change that will make it work because the Economy plan is a great price and it works great for my other non-core site. Does anyone know how to get a .net core 2 web application working on the Economy plan? Any hints as to what it might be?

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Has anyone hosted a .net core 2 Web App on an Economy Plan?

    Hi @dsw7

    I can confirm that we don't currently support ASP Core 1 or 2 at the moment on any of our shared hosting platforms. Though we may support Core 1 later in the year. You'd need to consider a VPS or Dedicated Server if you wanted to have that functionality. Sorry for any confusion. 


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