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    Header and Footer Troubles

    I'm new to the godaddy website builder so apologise if I'm missing something obvious here but there are a few things I'd like to be able to tweak on my website that I can't seem to figure out:


    - I'd like to make my header the same size as the screen being used to view it, currently it takes up about 80% of the screen and you can see the beginning of the next section. I'd like it to be a big, welcome splash screen by eliminating that 20% at the bottom. Is this possible?


    - I would like my social media icons in my footer but I dislike how small they are, the social media icons in the designation 'social' section are much larger and nicer to look at. Is there a way to fine-tune the design of the social media icons in the footer (enlarge, change colour etc) or remove the footer completely so I can just use the social section in its place?


    - Finally I find the gallery options very limited and as my website is primarily to be used as a portfolio I wondered if there were more options that I'm missing or if godaddy plans to add more?


    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Header and Footer Troubles



    The issues you mention are the limitations of GoCentral (and all web builders for that matter).   Since you do not have access to the background code or the ability to add features or functionality, it is what it is.


    Everything you describe can be easily accomplished in WordPress.  Including better responsiveness, access to themes with the exact layout you desire and the ability to add plugins, especially for galleries, so you can create what you want.


    HTH! 😉


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