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    Hosting multiple domains on one Business Website Builder Account

    I manage four websites with four different domains. I would like to place all of them under one account. If I purchase a Business account for $119.88/yr, can I use the Website builder to make four separate sites on one account, and point the four different domains to different sub-folders, or would I need to purchase four separate $119.88/yr accounts?

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    Hello @Gleepglorp!


    Welcome to the community! With Website Builder, you can host a single site per builder. So you'd need a Website Builder for each of the four sites. If you'd like to host multiple sites on the same plan, you'd need Web Hosting


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Every time I start to create a website builder for another domain it sends me to a website builder I already created for another domain. How do I create a seperate go central builder?


    Thank you, 


    Aven R.


    I have 3 domains and a business go central account I have one of my websites already made through go central is it possible to have the other two on the same business account or do I have to pay $119 three times? I also have an ultimate hosting account through go daddy as well. If it’s possible please let me know how.

    I have a site already built. I want to add two domains to this site. How do I do this?