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    How can I add posts? Like product reviews and such.

    My website isn't about selling stuff, it's about reviewing products, and giving news on incoming products. How can I add this functionality to my website?

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    Advocate VI

    The answer depends on your site implementation. Is it WordPress? GoDaddy Website Builder? HTML?


    @webdiva, I think it's just the Godaddy website builder. 

    In reviewing old posts here, I found a similar discussion: https://ca.godaddy.com/community/Building-and-Managing-a-Website/Form-for-writing-Testimonials-Revi...\


    It sounds like the answer is to create a form where someone can submit a review to you, and after you receive it, you can manually add the review to a page on your site. That's not a great answer if your goal is to automate the process, but it's a good workaround.


    How to enable customer reviews on your product / website?

    Hi! I was also wondering how can reviews be added so my customers can write their reviews. Did you figure out how to do this?