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    How can I enable apple-app-site-association on website builder?

    Hi all,


    I launched my website using the GoCentral builder. I have an associated iOS app as well that requires to use deep linking / universal link functionality. Now for Universal Links to work, apple requires that you host a file on the extension https://yourdomain.com/apple-app-site-association - now trouble is that when you create the page name as such, the page name length exceeds the GoDaddy field limit by just 1 character! So basically that path can't be created as a page to host the relevant file, leaving us in a fix as to how to host that page.


    Details from apple are here: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/security/password_autofill/setting_up_an_app_s_associated_...


    Has anyone faced / solved this? Can someone from godaddy help figure this pls. Thanks.


    Alternately: Is there any way I can setup a subdomain that redirects to another server, but the main domain continues to point to go central?

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    Super User II

    This is not available with GoCentral.  Unfortunately your work-around would just verify that sub-domain and not the main website.