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    How can you refresh your sitemap in Website Builder?

    Hi all, the Website builders says the Sitemap has been submitted, but google says it hasn't. How can you refresh your sitemap in Website Builder? 

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    Re: Site Map Problems



    Can you view your sitemap by going to it directly?


    Example location would be (replace "yourdomain.com" with your actual domain name)




    If so, you can submit that address manually through your Google Console account.


    HTH! 😉


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    Re: Site Map Problems

    Thanks Muse,


    Unfortunately I can't get the sitemap as described. The SEO tool says there is a site map, but nowhere I can find it. Also I can build one, but sitebuiler doesn't give you anywhere to put on. 

    Re: Site Map Problems

    I am facing the same problem. Site builder says it is already submitted with no option to update it

    Re: How can you refresh your sitemap in Website Builder?

    Any solution to this? I'm on the phone with customer service right now and they act clueless. They seem to think their SEO tools do everything Analytics wants. They said the tracking ID you add under SEO when you are editing your site submits your sitemap. I guess they assume nobody ever goes to Google Search Console and checks their stats which clearly show no sitemap or if you had the old version probably shows errors now on your former sitemap submitted before the update. The new SEO tools for keyword and all that are cool I guess but my ranking has gone for 10 to 36 which I would assume has a lot to do with this sitemap issue.

    Re: How can you refresh your sitemap in Website Builder?

    They were clueless last time I asked. They said it was ok, but every SEO tools I looked at said it was broken. 

    Re: How can you refresh your sitemap in Website Builder?

    After getting thru to a website specialist they tried to find a solution and couldn't. He said he was unaware that the new website builder didn't have the sitemap option like the last one did. He said he was putting in a feedback ticket or something of that nature to the developers to fix it on the new platform. I don't know how this isn't something being raised and solved before now seeing as everyone who uses their Website Builder should be concerned. Hopefully they fix it soon hut if you call, voice your concern!


    Re: How can you refresh your sitemap in Website Builder?

    I am glad I found this thread. I am also trying to add a sitemap to my site built with GoDaddy's new Websites+Marketing website builder and could not find any option to add a sitemap and could not find any info in their help guides. Like others, I need to add the URL to Google Search Console. 


    I also submitted feedback about the lack of a sitemap option just now along with the fact that GoDaddy really needs to update their help guides to have instructions for their new Websites+Marketing website builder.  


    I am not surprised that they didn't include a sitemap page or feature in the new website builder because there are also many other features/functions/options that are not available in the new website builder that are much needed. For example, being able to included additional tracking codes or ID's beyond Google Analytics which need to be added to the <head> section of the HTML file. 


    Re: How can you refresh your sitemap in Website Builder?

    Hi @zeely,


    Welcome to the Community!

    Websites+Marketing should generate a sitemap automatically. You can usually view it by visiting yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml.  If your sitemap is not appearing after publishing your Website Builder site, you'll need to get in touch with our customer care team so they can have a look.



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