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    How could I put tracking codes into my website?

    So my website has a decreasing Avg Time on page and a person told me that I needed to use heatmaps and should find websites that offer that.

    I've created an account on hotjar and it told me to put in the tracking code within the <head> so what I've tried and tried and tried to find ways to put it into the head but I can't seem to find any.

    So what I did was that I put in an "Artificial <head>" at the middle of my website, and once I got the results, recordings & heatmaps, all it showed was the recordings of that specific section of the page where I put in: I put the code in the middle of the page: <head> (the tracking code) </head>


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    Re: How could I put tracking codes into my website?

    GoCentral is not compatible with 3rd party tracking aside from Google Analytics.