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    Helper II

    How do I add a logo to my website?

    I've now got a really cool logo designed for my website. How do I add it?

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    Helper IV Helper IV
    Helper IV

    Re: How do I add a logo to my website?

    Adding a logo depends on the kind of website you have. If your site runs on WordPress, like 25% of sites do these days, there is usually a place to upload your logo in your theme's admin screen, either in Appearance -> Customizer, or a custom admin options screen, also found under Appearance.

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    Re: Customer Service a nightmare at GoDaddy



    ...................... you went to the fridge and your flatmate has drank all the beer again hasn't he? Mmmm, thought so!

    I have never had a single bad experience with godaddy support. I have never waited for more than five minutes for someone to pick the phone up. I have never had to 'pay for an expensive international call', and yet, I phone a Glasgow number (I live in Scotland) and get put through to Arizona! So, unless I have a direct 'bat phone hotline' straight under the north Atlantic??


    Right, got to go, the president's on the bat phone!!


    Helper VI Helper VI
    Helper VI

    Re: Customer Service a nightmare at GoDaddy

    Lol @Anonymous</a>, we kinda do have a bat phone... Perks of being a GoDaddy Pro
    ~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @ fullstackwebsolution.com

    Re: How do I add a logo to my website?

    Hey... I want my logo in the middle of my website page, not as the header.

    When I add my logo, its as if they wont allow me to make it big enough to use on the first page. Its only so small and they wont allow me to place it in the middle.


    I want the first thing that my clients see to be my logo, not my motto. 


    How do i do that?  


    Re: How do I add a logo to my website?

    Hello @DanieB! Thanks for posting and being a part of the GoDaddy Community!


    If you don't want the logo to show in the designated logo area, your best option would be to add it as an image in the place you want it to be shown. You can also try changing the layout to see if you like the format better. 


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