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    How do I change the home page on my site?

    I have two pages on my site - the one that is currently set as the 'home' or landing page is the older version of my site. There is a second page that I want to serve as the NEW home page for my site - but I can't seem to delete the old version or promote the new page to act as the 'home' page. I've found some references to a radio button where I can make a page as the home page, but I don't see that in my site builder. Hoping to launch Friday but this is a blocker! Thanks! 

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: How do I change the home page on my site?

    Hi @Lax603. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! With our current Website Builder, it's not possible to change the page that you use as "home". However, you can edit the home page without the changes appearing on your live site. Changes are not made live until the site is published. You will need to create the content you want on the current home page instead. Sorry Man Sad 


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