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    How to add Schema Markup or JSON-LD to Gocentral

    I was wondering how the developers of GoCentral recommend adding markup.  With the changes the google's SERP leaving customers within the results of google, how do I meet the needs of my customers.

    Google is more often than not providing the answers to a user's query within the confines of google using rich results.



    If this is not possible now, then please add it to your todo list.  I think that g

    GoCentral is on its way to becom8ng one of the best builders out there, but there is still room for improvement. Especially in the more advanced SEO field

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    Re: How to add Schema Markup or JSON-LD to Gocentral

    Hi @omkm

    I'm not an expert regarding your issue. However, after reading the link that you included in your post. It appears that you need to add specific coding to your site. You can add code to your GoCentral site, it's just not something that we support. Check out this article on how to add coding

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