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    How to add a counter on our online store that shows how many items we have sold to date


    i am in the process of building an online store. The items we have for sale will have 50% of the proceeds go to a charity. We would like to have a counter on our site that shows how many items we have sold to date to show our clients the progress we are making. It is built in the GoDaddy website builder and is nearly complete. I would hate to have to restart it... I found a plugin that would be perfect if I were using wordpress... https://shopitpress.com/plugins/sip-social-proof-woocommerce/ Does anyone have any ideas? HTML code I could use??

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Online Store Help

    This can not be done with HTML alone, it would require server-side scripting for it to automatically update.  Unfortunately the website builder does not have this level of access as it's simplified for beginners.  You could manually post it, possibly each month update the total for the previous month.