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    How to add a section of my website to the navigation bar?

    Trying to add a section of my website (not a page I created, but a section in the template I chose) to the navigation bar. Won't work..I keep getting asked to add a page which I don't need to do.

    Looked under help menu and I was given the instructions below...but I don't have a website/navigation pane that looks like this....do I have to publish to do what I want?? Not ready to publish!


    Click on your website's menu/navigation pane (without clicking any of its links) and click Settings.

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    Re: Navigation Bar

    Hi @LT66,


    Thanks for posting. If your navigation settings do not match the guide you may have our new GoCentral Website Builder. If so, you'll need to follow the steps in this article since you are not wanting to create an actual page you will need to select the "Link to external website" option. Hope that helps!



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