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    How to export products from Online store?

    I'm  not happy with the features of the online store with the amount charged. I've been buying my 300+ domains from GoDaddy since the 90's. I assumed that GoDaddy was feature rich on all products, but every little thing that I need to change isn't available. Some of these features were available to me on competitor  products over 15 years ago for similar packages. I have invested countless hours building my store with over 4000 items, and want to export it. 


    Hey there! I built a tool to help you export your products - check it out here: https://aloagency.com/blog/godaddy-ecommerce-product-export


    Let me know how I can make it easier for you 🙂 

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    Ahhhh, finally there is a solution. Check out this chrome extension: http://export-godaddy-products.com
    I was able to use it to export 700 products from my GoDaddy online store!


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    Yeah, the solution at http://export-godaddy-products.com worked for me too.

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    Hey @coreyratz


    Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


    Unfortunately, there is not a method of exporting existing products within your catalog. However, there is a method of importing a spreadsheet file which you can manage and update your products on locally. If you checkout the article linked, there will also be steps for downloading a starter template that you can begin managing on. 


    Hope this helps. 


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    When will this common feature be available?   I am very disappointed in the amount of features for the price charged for your online store, and want to export the thousands of  products that I have  spent countless hours  entering. in. 

    I'm right there with you @coreyratz spending 100s of dollars and don't the options to actually use the products the way we want. Glad to see GoDaddy is ok with letting us import things into their system but won't allow us a way to get them back out. There's a word for something like this. Oh yeah...hostage!

    Ordinarily I'm very calm about things and would not jump to such a drastic conclusion as you have Shredderz, but this IS 2017 and is quite suspicious.  I'm now hesitant to even begin adding products to my new store here.  Someone from GoDaddy, please respond and let us know what's being done about this.  Thank you!

    I can't seem to find a date as to when this topic was created. Very disappointing that you are not able to extract your product data. I am on the free trial and if this has not been resolved, I'll be cancelling when the trial is over.

    I would like to export so that I can import into my Wordpress site that I just started because the GoCentral site doesn't allow for basic functionality that was available 10+ years ago from other providers. Oh and the Word press site is also under GoDaddy so I have paid for both services, why can't I share the data between GoDaddy products without spending hours to manually enter all of my products and images again. Really frustrated.

    I completely agree!! I need to export so I have it on hand for events and can reach them quickly. Without this option I am now forced to write it all down...... very VERY frustrating 

    I just Chatted with support, and was told that it's in process....however, they weren't able to provide a time frame.  Has anyone else been able to get one?  


    With recent process changes and the lack of this feature being available, we're going to have to rethink staying.  A firm time frame would definitely be helpful in our decision making.



    Yeah, A year on and the same speel from them

    Robot Sad  You had to write it all down?  Oh my god.  That's terrible.  You had to actually, like, get a pen?  And put it in your hand and hold it?


    Oh brother.  That must've been awful.

    @DLaBounty310 wrote:

    I completely agree!! I need to export so I have it on hand for events and can reach them quickly. Without this option I am now forced to write it all down...... very VERY frustrating 


    Send me an email to export.gd.products@gmail.com, I've figured out a work around!

    Thanks Charlie. This worked for me!


    No real luck with an export. I ended up exporting all orders and deleting and sorting to create my own list

    This answer doesn't help. Your customers are asking how to export their product database that they spent hours building on your site. Have you made any progress on this feature since January of this year? Your suggestion to manage a spreadsheet locally means double maintaince for your customers. 

    This doesn't work because the CSV file formatting (column assignment) does not match that of the file I need to import from my existing store

    There really should be an option to download from a Godaddy site to a cvs file for purposes outside of Godaddy sales.  Many owners sell outside of a website.  This would be convenient to be able to match actual inventory with online inventory, have a record for taxes, cross-checking that online and in-store are the same, etc.

    If you can upload (which I believe is importing to not exporting) to the site then you should be able to download (which is exporting from  Godaddy). 

    Please consider adding this feature.  We pay quite a bit each month for Godaddy service with not many or useful conveniences.


    In addition, it would be nice to see some new website designs.  The ones available are old and stagnant.

    Linda Gilbert


    It would be very helpful if I could export my current store inventory to a .csv file. Is there anyway to do so? and if not could you implement a system for that.



    Not applicable



    Your current store inventory is on a database right? Is there not an option to export it as csv file? 

    The complete inventory only exists in the Godaddy online store and there is no option to export from there