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    How to get a link to an image

    I uploaded an image using file manager, but unable to determine the link to this image. I need to use this image elsewhere.

    I tried my domain name and the path to the image, it did not work.


    I enabled the single page website option - does that impact this?

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: How to get a link to an image

    Hi @sanimesa. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


    It may be difficult for community members to offer suggestions here since it's not clear what you're using to build your website. I suggest providing your domain name and more information about what you're using to build your site. That may help others offer a way forward for you. Hope you're able to get this figured out!


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    Re: How to get a link to an image

    Domain name + path to image should work, if you're sure you know where it 'went' on the server. If you did single page, its possible there are permissions preventing access, or corrupted upload. If you can provide a link or screen shot we can help more.

    Re: How to get a link to an image



    I have the same problem. I uploaded the image to my galleries.

    This is the link:



    but I need to use the link in this  format: 



    Is this possible?


    Thank you,



    Re: How to get a link to an image

    If you want then you can hire me and I will help you to design your website. I just charge $100 for basic website. I know how to make image linkable. I'm also good in godaddy website builder and wordpress as well. Contact me at cutevamp911@gmail.com or http://cutevamp.com
    - Renu Sharma
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    Re: How to get a link to an image

    You would probably have to click around the asset and find where it allows you to override their link. However there is a chance your uploaded link will be used for data analytics with the upload. This is why I hate builders and much prefer direct code.

    If the link asset allows you to edit the href tag you should be able to manually adjust it to the link you want. Here is a sample link I use all the time, but not sure if you have the same permissions in web builder or not.

    <a href="https://whateveryourlinkis.com" target="yourhovertxt">