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    How to set up Customer Accounts for returning business ?

    Hi All ,

    So i have built my website using the builder tool , i have an online store with shopping cart and checkout. i have had a customer purchase an item with no issues.

    However one thing is missing , How do i get a customer to set up an account with me ?

    You know so that the customers details are saved and they can log in to check orders and purchase more goods faster.

    Have looked at all the tools but cannot see this option , i'm sure it is possible as it is a pretty standard option on all online shops nowadays , right ?

    Maybe i'm just being stupid ?

    Help Please, Ta

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    Helper V
    Helper V

    Re: Customer Accounts for returrning business ?



    I don't think Website Builder provides registration features!, Not that I am aware of...

    You must go for a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc...

    The CMS provides registration features!, and you can make it work as you like...

    There are many plugins and themes!, and so you can customize to your requirements...

    Both the customer and you will have a dashboard or portal...


    Thank you




    Praveen Thomas

    GoDaddy 24/7 Support www.x.co/247support

    Re: How to set up Customer Accounts for returning business ?

    Hi @blackcrow24 -


    Thank you for using GoCentral Online Store!Customer accounts is definitely on our roadmap and we're working toward it.  There are a few things we need to do first, but we're definitely heading in that direction. I do not yet have a target date, sorry about that. 


    Thank you -

    Heidi, GoDaddy product manager

    Re: How to set up Customer Accounts for returning business ?

    Another that wants customer accounts.  This is a basic feature available even in most FREE webstores.  I am surprised that GD didn't integrate this from the get go.


    Re: How to set up Customer Accounts for returning business ?

    Another vote for customer account. I wish I knew right away GoDaddy doesn't provide that. I will choose something else

    Re: Customer Accounts for returrning business ?

    Godaddy now has a customer account feature. However, it is limited to name, email, and phone number of the customer. This was very disappointing


    What most business owners want are just some of the following:

    • Company name of the customer
    • Address
    • Payment information
    • DOB (if needed as per requirements of website)
    • Contact information

    Please include these features and more in your next update Godaddy!

    Product Team
    Product Team

    Re: Customer Accounts for returrning business ?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to provide this feedback,  

    We definitely have big plans to keep improving this functionality moving forward, and it really helps to guide our priorities when users send in this kind of input.  


    At this time, we store name, phone number, email address, and physical (shipping) address for each customer.  It sounds like it would also really help to have company name, and date of birth, which should be coming soon.  When you say "contact information," is there other specific information that would be valuable?


    We're also working on payment management solutions for customers. That's a larger project, but hopefully we'll be able to roll that out next year, and then customers will be able to store and manage their payment options right in their account.  Please let us know if there are other customer account, membership, or contact management features you'd like to see moving forward, and we'll keep working to improve the feature.


    Thanks much!



    Re: Customer Accounts for returrning business ?

    @exj Any updates for this feature?