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    How to upload pdf as a page

    I would like to upload a pdf file to open as a page on the WEB site.  I can use the upload button and the button then opens the pdf file, but this two step process is not what I want.  I would like the pdf file to open directly when selecting that page from the navigation link.  Is this possible?


    I worked it out!  Edit the Navigation panel to link with the pdf file.  This way when the Navigation item is selected the PDF file opens in a new page. Use the file manager to upload the pdf file.  Works great.

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    Helper III

    hello nrctele,


    The functionality you are requesting is something iv'e been fighting with for years. Some browsers, such as Google Chrome and FireFox allow this functionality; but, i would suggest you use a javascript API to do this.



    please note that, i offer direct support that is in no way associated with GoDaddy's regular support channels; but, for immediate technical support you can contact me at: https://join.skype.com/t3cxhmNCspqu

    I worked it out!  Edit the Navigation panel to link with the pdf file.  This way when the Navigation item is selected the PDF file opens in a new page. Use the file manager to upload the pdf file.  Works great.

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    Thank you - this is exactly what I was looking for.  Appreciate ya!

    Hi NRCTELE, 

    How exactly did you do this? Can you provide the steps? Thank you so much! 🙂

    Hi. Please share how you did this. Website Builder 7 does not have navigation the way you are describing.


    I want to have PDFs linked to text of the file name so that once clicked, the PDF will open in the browser (very standard). People refer to a file system. but WB7 does not have one since it is a limited CMS and not a regular hosting site. WB7 renames all of the linked files to have an internal alpha name that does not end in pdf, which is why the browsers so not know how to open the files within the browser. That needs to be fixed asap since the "open in a new window" option is useless if the files are retained as PDFs on the backend.

    Hey, I need to what you did. Would you mind explaining it in 'absolute newbie to godaddy' terms please? Be greatly appreciated.

    I ended up putting the PDFs in Google Drive and just linking to them. Here is a link to one of our website pages:



    Basically, Website Builder does NOT have any sort of file system. That means you cannot upload files to a website folder, link to them from the site, and have them open in the browser. It is sort of ridiculous since that is basic functionality for a website.Website Builder allows you to upload a document, but it renames it to some long, coded name and reorganizes it so that works in the Website Builder system only. And because of that, if someone clicks on the file name on the webpage, the file is downloaded. It won't open in the browser. My solution was to put the files somewhere else online - I used Google Drive - and then link to them so they will open in the browser.


    Does this help?

    @Drfixup wrote:


    Or you could just


    That is absolutely worthless and totally irrelevant to the question. In fact, it is exactly the opposite of what the poster requested and stated she was uninterested in doing.



    Hi @nrctele!


    One very important point that has been left out of this conversation as far as clicks and how the pdf file is rendered into the browser.  It's the site visitors browser setting with regard to handling pdf files! This is especially true when you move into the mobile formats and programs.  Do not assume the handling of a PDF file on a visitor's device is that the same as you are seeing.


    For example, even if you have a link something like <a href="https...../.pdf" target="_blank">Click to see my catalog</a>. Your site visitor has his/her browser set to automatically download a pdf. When clicked, the new window may actually end up looking blank, the file is downloading, and the user is wondering where's the content.


    I've had good success with letting the visitor know they are accessing a PDF file before clicking.  The user often knows how his device responds to PDF links.  So with that said, I personally NEVER put a link to a PDF file in a main menu.  Others may disagree, but I hesitate to put a link to a non-native web format on a Main Navigation menu.  There are too many variables to reliably direct what will happen upon clicking that are dependent upon how the visitor has his/her device configured.


    Hope this helps,


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    James, since you cannot access editable html in Website Builder 7, you cannot ensure that the links are set up correctly. Target=blank is supposed to be done when you select the checkbox to open in a new window. But, because the files are renamed to not include the extension, the browser has no idea what it is trying to open and defaults to downloading.

    Jamp, in addition to being rude, your reply is ultimately incorrect.  Though the suggestion may not have been precisely what the original poster requested, it is precisely the reply I needed when a search brought me to this thread.  Please don't go out of your way to insult people trying to be helpful.

    The explanation godaddy gives is just useless. Can you make sure you read and understand the question before providing answers that are totally irrelevant? Thank you

    I am new at this and just looking to park instructions in PDF format on my site so anybody that hasn't made a pen before can download...Seems reasonable but it seems like website only wants a pic file of some format?

    I had been able to upload a PDF onto the prior Go Daddy platform Go Central has completely removed the capacity to actually click on a link and have a specific PDF file open. It only allows pictures which removes the capacity to add content in a form that is appealing. 


    I can have a page which allows a PDF to be downloaded. I can not directly open a pdf without first going to the download page. I do not want a page to go to for downloading files. I would like to click a link and open a file. Will some build into Go Central the capacity to upload a PDF which will show without going to a separate page open 

    I'm very interested in this also.  I bought some material that I have sitting as a pdf in my computer.  I want to make this a page on my site.  No downloading-the opened pdf is the page.

    does GoDaddy read this?  I haven't noticed any corrections

    Hmmm, this is frustrating. There is a section that can be added to your website that's called 'Files' and this appears to let you add a pdf that one can upload. It seems very clunky to me and not at all what I need. Is there no way to just upload files here?

    I called a rep and asked about this problem.  He said there is no way to do this on their platform.  You can do a new page and copy and paste your pdf (however, I can't do this) or re-type the whole thing (with layout and graphics, I can't do this either.) You can't insert an open pdf onto their web page.

    I'm still futzing around with this. Check what I did given what GoDaddy has available.



    in the middle of the page I have a download button for a doc that I uploaded. It's that 'Files' section that does this function.


    I'm experimenting with another one of my pages right now.