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    I'd like to have more flexibility with the number of featured products in GoCentral Online Store

    I have an online store and would like to have more flexibility with assigning the number of 'featured products' that can be viewed on my home page.  The most products that can be listed are 12 at a time.  I know this is to keep these products more unique as they are featured products, but I have this section on my home page and it would be much better to be able to select the number of featured products as they are the first point of contact for a customer. Even a small increase of up to 20 products would be a great increase for this section. 


    It would also be better to have more flexibility with how many products can be displayed per page on my shop.  Currently a maximum of only 20 products per page can be viewed, but with an online store it would be a massive improvement if more products can be viewed (30/40/50 products), and even 'view all' option.  More product options would be a significant improvement.



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    Re: GoCentral Online Store

    It seems like you've run into a "Ease of use" limitation @willenium. What you might want to consider is adding several Sections of the type you'd like and categorizing then. A store for instance could have twelve (12) Featured Products for Men and another Section with twelve (12) Featured Products for Women on the same page. I believe that you can have up to twenty (20) Sections per page but I can't quite recall what the granularity is per any specific Section.


    I'm sure that the GoCentral team appreciates your kind of use feedback. I hope my workaround helps though? Come back and let us know it that method works for you. 


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    Re: GoCentral Online Store

    Please explain how to make this work? I don’t see how you can create different Featured lists?