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    I've registered 2 domains and want both to point to one website...is this possible?

    hey guys, i've got a couple of questions...i've registered 2 domains and want both to point to one website...is this possible?

    also, trying the website builder doesnt really give me what i'm looking for....i want it to be kind of a message board....where people can be in touch about travelling and accomodation...not like trip advisor...more about making offers of help.


    how can i build this with go-daddy?

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    Re: new website.

    Websites with such interactive features are like a Graphical User Interface for a computer program (usually referred to as a script or server-side scripting) running on the server in the background to make it all work.  Note that you would need a regular hosting account (like cPanel) to run such a script.


    You can check if one of the popular prebuilt Content Management Systems (like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal) has plug-ins available to fit your needs.


    Also, yes you can associate multiple domains with the same website.

    Re: new website.

    How do I associate multiple domains (godaddy  domains) with my one website on gocentral website builder?

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    Re: new website.

    Hi @fmansouri. Thanks for posting. The best way to point multiple domains to the same site is to choose one domain as your primary domain, then forward the others to the primary domain. It's not possible to add more than one domain to a GoCentral site. In general, this is frowned on anyway, since it can appear as duplicate content, which can affect search engine results. Hope that helps. 


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