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    I wish to get rid of GoCentral and use Wordpress isntallation

    Greetings GoDaddy,

    I am a website designer, currently re-designing a website for a client. They have their previous site built in GoCentral. However, I want to use Wordpress and they have paid for the Ultimate Plan. How do I get rid of the GoCentral website - so I can use my Wordpress installation? Thank you.

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    Re: I wish to get rid of GoCentral and use Wordpress isntallation

    I've been in a similar position @miajohnson0421 where a client had already purchased something but require something else. The best suggestion I can offer is to have your customer contact customer support and check their options or if you have access/permission contact customer service on their behalf. Each situation is different but contacting support and checking your options is the cost step. I find GoDaddy to be accommodating in such things. I hope that helps? Come back and let us know the result. 


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