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    Image Issues

    Since I can’t get any real solutions to my issue from support I’ll post here in the hopes of an actual solution and not some of the ludicrous “solutions” I’ve read on here. It seems that no matter what I do I can’t get images to upload and display properly. It will look fine in the area where the image is input but on the actual site it looks like crap or the editor decides that the image should have portions of the image cut off. If that weren’t enough the image ends up looking even worse on the mobile site.

    This issue is incredibly frustrating to deal with and the inability of support to actually address my concern is even more frustrating. I rarely speak to less than one agent. I end up being transferred to another agent - WITHOUT WARNING! Then because I haven’t been disregarded enough as a customer, I end up having to provide information and details that I’ve already provided!

    I’m having considerable buyer’s remorse of this substandard product and even more substandard agents claiming to be support.

    My company’s needs are quite simple. A website builder that works. There must be one, but so far it’s not GoDaddy, nor do they have the proper staffing to resolve the issues.
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    Hi MTASI,

    I was having issues with text not displaying correctly and it turned out to be a known issue with the themes. When I was advised to use other themes until they had resolved the issue, I noticed that some of the themes didn't display my front page image how it said it would in the theme selection area. Maybe this is what is happening to you as well?


    Try different themes and see if that helps


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