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    Importing .csv ERROR

    Help! Please! I have downloaded the starter file and added my inventory to it. I keep getting an error that there are 1 or more missing columns when I try import it. All of the columns are exactly the same name. Does every column need to be filled out? Even if I don't offer any add-ons? If so what would I put? 


    I've spoken to support twice and have not gotten anywhere. It's driving me crazy.

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    Re: Importing .csv ERROR

    I would typically start off with the Upload Product Information, Import Multiple Products and Format Product Information for Bulk Import links. You seem to be past that because you are getting an error?


    The first thing that comes to mind is an import limit? Does your import file have more that 1,000 lines @dresstoatee? The Format Product Information for Bulk Import link has some really good notes on how to format with column explanations, examples columns. I hope that helps? Please come back and let us know. 


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