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    Invalid SSL certificate on certain chrome versions

    Hey there,


    Funny thing happened. Some of my friends are trying out the new site and they are seeing the "invalid certificate - add security exception" whereas it works fine for some other friends. I understand its upto the browser to determine to validity of supplied certificate but in this case both "working" and "non-working" browsers are chrome. What could be wrong? Screenshot attached. Thanks.


    Its available at https://bayareacarromassociation.org/


    WhatsApp Image 2018-08-06 at 2.22.25 PM.jpeg

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    Re: Invalid SSL certificate on certain chrome versions

    Your websites SSL seems fine to me.


    I also did a quick check on on of those SSL testers and it seems fine: 




    It could be that your friends just have an old browser? Or you asked them to test it too early when you enabled your SSL?


    Re: Invalid SSL certificate on certain chrome versions

    Thank you @AbsFarah. I will ask them to upgrade their browser. And thanks for that wonderful SSL checker link. Very handy Smiley Happy