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    Inventory Tracking in GoCentral

    I realize this isn't doable right now, but I'm putting this out there with the hope that GD will wake up and realize the need.

    I recently switched from an old Deluxe Quick Shopping Cart to the new Go Central store.  Now, I have no way to download my inventory for accounting purposes.  (easy to do with the old Deluxe Quick...).

    This seems to me a no-brainer.  Being able to download and report existing inventory is an absolute must!  I need it to help manage product flow, my CPA needs it to manage my tax filings, and it's great information for tracking hot and cold products on a regular basis.  


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    Helper V
    Helper V

    Re: Inventory Tracking in GoCentral



    How about switching back to Deluxe Shopping Cart again?...

    I don't think GoCentral provides inventory management tools!, Not that I am aware of...

    Maybe GoDaddy can provide a refund and do something about that...


    Thank you




    Praveen Thomas

    GoDaddy 24/7 Support www.x.co/247support