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    Is a subdomain the answer for GoCentral's inability to allow blog comments?

    Hello there! I'm super new to this and teaching myself, so please forgive me if there is an obvious answer to this question.

    I use GoCentral for my webstore and am just starting to add blog content. I've quickly realized that there is no way to allow readers to comment on blog posts, and it seems from what I've read around here that there is no ETA on when this will be added.

    Is it possible to create a subdomain (let's say blog.mybusiness.com) and use this with a blog created using wordpress.org? I would then point the blog link in GoCentral to an "external" site using the blog.mybusiness.com address. If this would work, what would I use for the "forward to" - just learned what a subdomain is, so...yeah...totally new to this 🙂


    If this wouldn't work, do any of you have another solution that doesn't require another hosting purchase? Part of my market plan involves blogging, and if I can't interact through the blog, then the GoCentral blog function is completely useless to me.


    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, note that any external blog would require hosting separate from your GoCentral account.  Then you wouldn't want to use forwarding to associate it to a subdomain, rather this is done with DNS settings.


    For the foreseeable future GoCentral is only going to have the most mainstream of features to create a very basic website.  You may want to consider just switching to WordPress for the whole website as it was built from the ground up for interactivity and expandability.  That way you would only need the one hosting plan, uniform template design, and you can pick and choose which features you'll need.  GoDaddy offers Managed WordPress plans, or you can 1-click install it in a regular Web Hosting plan.

    Thanks for your reply Nate! Since I am teaching myself (as a new small business, I can't afford a wesite designer), I was hoping for a way to link a blog that could accept comments to the already established GoCentral site. The GoCentral shop made online commerce easy, and while I'm not thrilled with the look of the blog (because the features are so basic), it works for now. However, not being able to accept comments from readers kind of defeats the purpose of having a blog.


    I'm hoping for a solution - even if it means using a "plain jane" free blog and pointing GoCentral to the external link. Before I do that, I'm wondering if there is a way to set this up using my GoDaddy hosting services so that the blog address resembles the business name in some way.


    Thanks again!

    You wouldn't be able to host a different blog with GoCentral, it'd be separate hosting either here or with another provider.  It's up to the provider if they'll let you bring your own sub-domain, many of the free options restrict this and give you a sub-domain under their brand.