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    Helper II

    Is it possible to create a Blank New Page reached only by a url?

    Website Builder v7; HSVelions.org


    The left side of Home page is set up to show on all pages. What I would to create is a page that is completely blank reached only by a URL. Is that possible?


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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Blank New Page

    Hi @LionsWeb16 - It sounds like you want to create a page that doesn't show up in your navigation. You can do this by clicking on the nav bar in the editor, then clicking the edit icon (pencil). On the dialogue that pops up, you can click the eye icon to hide a page from the navigation bar.


    If you want to remove the rest of the page elements you can do so in the editor. However, keep in mind that elements like the navigation bar, site logo, and others are set up to display on all pages. Deleting them on one page will remove them from all others. Essentially, you'd want to leave anything that appears on a new page when it's created. The easiest way to get around this would be to create a shape that covers all the content and match it to the background color of the page. However, I'm not sure how that would render on mobile devices. 


    Alternatively, you could place navigation bars on each page and then choose the option to "only show on this page", but that would probably be more work than you want to do. I hope that helps. 


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    Helper II

    Re: Blank New Page

    Thanks for the response. None of those would really work. I finally signed up for a free hosting site and I will put the items on it and write my own html code to make it work.