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    Issues with booking classes

    I am using the Appointments module to schedule classes for my quilt shop, and I have found several issues with the workshop/class functionality.


    1. When I add a customer to a class, I can't mark them as paid until after I add them. This means that they get an email saying they have not yet paid. Customers who sign up online do not have this problem. I would like to be able to mark the customer as paid on the same screen where I add them to the class, so the email says they are paid. It's very tiring to have to tell everyone that the email will say they haven't paid, when they paid in person instead of online.


    2. Adding customers seems to have no purpose. When I add a customer to a class, I have to enter all of their information; I can't select existing customers.


    3. The only way to get to the screen to add a customer is to go to the calendar, find the class, and open it. That's really unintuitive and it took me several times to remember that's how to get there.


    4. I need to provide links to classroom materials, but the class descriptions are plain text.


    5. I want to be able to schedule a class more than once. For example, I have a new beginner class every month. These classes are separate, and I don't want to have to set them up completely every month. I'd like to set up the class as a service, and then schedule that service anytime I want.

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